Sowing seeds of success



“Dana is the most influential supervisor I have ever had. The positive impact he has had on my personal and professional life is unparalleled. He challenged and championed me in my career and provided me with a work environment that enabled me to thrive. Dana has mastered the art of management and is someone I wouldn’t hesitate to work for again.”

Brittany M.

“When I first met Dana, I was in a position at ****** where I was struggling, and no one would listen when I would try to explain why. He was hired to be the manager of a new department and told me, “there is a position open for this department; apply for it. I see your potential, and I need you to trust me.” So, I did, and I will never regret it. Over the next six months, Dana not only became my direct manager but also became a mentor, life coach, and friend. With his assistance, I flourished in my career and gained the confidence to pursue the career path I truly wanted. Employees were never numbers to Dana; we were people with purpose and potential.
If I ever had the opportunity to work for him again, I would go in a heartbeat. Dana is a 5/5 star manager and mentor.”

Victoria A.


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