Influence. Leadership. Management.

How do we ensure success as people leaders? Leaders of today are not leaders of yesterday.  Research and development of leadership styles and methods have grown exponentially over the last decade.  Direct and meaningful influence, leadership, and management are more than a method.  It is a pathway to success.  

DMILM is committed to staying at the forefront of leadership application and implementation.  People leaders of today are expected to outperform, outproduce, and outmaneuver while maintaining their performance and productivity.  We continue to take every opportunity to learn about the changing leadership and management expectations while navigating the current generational cohort landscape.



Direct and Meaningful

What is Direct and Meaningful Leadership?  It is a leadership discovery process and implementation designed to attain influence with employees, provide tools for leading, and create opportunities to be an impactful manager.

One on One Coaching

DMILM offers one on one coaching and mentoring.  We aim to evaluate your needs through an interview and analysis and create a learning plan tailored to your needs.  

Group development

DMILM will come to your business and meet with your leadership teams to create opportunities for growth and effectiveness.  

Corporate Speaking Events

Let DMILM speak to your organization on the importance of influence, leadership, and management.

DISC Consulting 

Dr. Martin is a John Maxwell Certified Behavioral Analysis Consultant and can help you better understand yourself, your team, and your organization.

Leadership Podcast

Check out “The Sith Dominion” Podcast, where Dana talks about business and lessons learned from the Dark Side of the Force.

Leadership Author

Check out Dr. Martin’s latest book: “Rebel with a Cause: Leading a Rebellion in the Business Galaxy.”

A Different Approach

We believe in understanding there are unique challenges today’s people leaders experience.  The ever-changing generational cohort landscape, communication methods, and leadership styles can be confusing.  DMILM presents a unique leadership design approach consisting of Influence, Leadership, and Management skills and the strategies to bolster the tools available to the people leader.